Once upon a time, in a small prairie town...

A boy met a girl, and they fell in love and decided to live happily ever after together! Samara and Davin's small wedding was nothing short of a magical fairy tale if I've ever seen one! The couple of days leading up to their big day had been stormy and rainy but the day of their wedding was a perfect sunny summer day, and by some absolute blessing the mosquitos weren't even too bad!

This stunning couple have shared their lives and loved one another for many years leading up to this special day, and their wonderful, effortless, happy love just radiated off of them both. It was absolutely my pleasure to be included in their plans and when these two gorgeous love birds invited me to capture their wedding day for them I admit I definitely did a little happy dance inside!

We started the day off at the ceremony site, which is this really special little wooded area that almost seems to transport you to another place entirely. One moment you're in Weyburn Saskatchewan, the next some magical little nook in the forest that's surely home to fairy's or elves or something of the sort.

I arrived and unpacked my gear, had a quick look around the location, and within minutes their nearest and dearest began to arrive, with the bride and groom quickly behind them. With only five guests in attendance plus the couples two children, and no big wedding parties to introduce and organize, it did not take long to get everybody ready and in place. So after some quick last minute touches and adjustments, it was time to get these two married!

...Well almost time, first we had to overcome some shoe related problems the lovely flower girl had been having. I really dislike uncomfortable shoes too so I totally sympathize with the little lady haha! Our beautiful bride is no amateur though, she had back up shoes packed and ready! So we were quickly back on track, and it was time for the ceremony to begin!

Que the music, here comes the bride!

"You may now kiss the bride!"

They pledged their love, promised their hearts, and said their "I do's" in a beautiful and intimate ceremony surrounded by the people they love the most. Once they wrapped up the formalities we quickly moved to congratulations and hugs from their guests, and wasted no time getting right into the photos! We started off with Samara and Davin's adorable little flower girl and ring bearer, aka their son and daughter, then made sure everybody had a chance to say cheese with the happy couple.

Once the family and guest photos were done everybody said some quick goodbyes, a few more congratulations, and then the kiddos and guests departed leaving just myself with Weyburn's newest husband and wife to take them wherever I thought would be best to capture their wedding photos! What an absolute dream for me as their photographer to have clients so trusting in my ideas and vision that they left such a very important decision in my hands. I think we chose some really amazing spots, and captured a beautiful and timeless set of photographs that these two will be able to cherish and share with their loved ones for years to come.

Congratulations Samara and Davin, thank you for sharing your special day with me❤

And they lived happily ever after.

The end