What even is an elopement?

 If you've looked up the outdated dictionary definition you might be asking yourself "isn't that when 2 people run away to shamefully get married without their families consent"? NOPE! Not anymore! Let's kick this old fashioned definition to the curb because nowadays eloping has evolved to be an intentional, intimate and excitingly personal way to choose to say "I do".

An elopement is a non-traditional and intensely meaningful way to get married. Instead of focusing the majority of your planning and budget on your guests experience, you can be focused entirely on you and your partner, and creating a dream day that perfectly represents who you are together. 

Eloping is about taking the most important bits and pieces of a wedding, like the GETTING MARRIED part, and creating a unique and personalized experience around it that genuinely represents YOU as a couple. Perhaps to you this will look similar to a traditional wedding, just with a smaller and more intimate guest list. Or, it can look completely different. It can be adventurous, it can be luxurious, it can be exhilarating and exciting, or it can be super chill and relaxed, it can be literally whatever you want it to be. An elopement is about making the day you commit yourselves to each other truly the best day ever, and that's going to look different for every couple. But that is the best part of an elopement; there are no rules! 

Myth: Elopements only happen outdoors in far off and scenic locations...

While many couples choose to say their "I do's" surrounded by snow capped mountains, or beside a beautiful waterfall in the forest or by the sea (I mean come on, it sounds pretty dreamy right?), an elopement can take place anywhere. It's about planning a day that you are going to remember for the rest of your lives after all. If you're wanting a unique and amazing small indoor venue, you could consider options like a gorgeous antique barn, a pretty little small town chapel, a trendy and chic brewery, a beautiful rustic lodge, an urban city landmark, or your own backyard. The options are literally endless, an elopement is 100% about what YOU want!

Saskatchewan offers some pretty incredible options whether you prefer a romantic indoor venue, or an epic outdoor adventure location. We have everything mentioned above and more, right here in our own amazing province. Saskatchewan has gorgeous lush forests, picturesque rolling hills, awe inspiring badlands and buttes, beautiful lakes and beaches, rustic and charming farms, truly an endless supply of historic and adventurous locations. We are also just a day (or so) away from those snow capped mountains and waterfalls by the sea, so choose something that really excites you both and DO IT!

Myth: Elopements are only for the outdoorsy adventurous types...

Naturally elopement is an appealing option for those who enjoy spending their weekends hiking, or skiing, or just adventuring in general. But they can also be perfect and meaningful for those of us who spend our free time with a hot coffee or tea and a book, or binge watching Schitt's Creek for the 18th time while snuggled up on the couch. Remember, there are no rules! Elopements are for anybody who wants a stress free, intimate, and immensely romantic ceremony that truly celebrates their love for one another without chaos and stressful timelines. I really believe how you choose to be wed should represent you as a couple. It should be as special and unique as your love for one another, and those sentimental and personal touches are truly what define each elopement. These personal touches certainly don't have to include hiking boots, helicopters or off road vehicles!

Myth: Eloping is selfish and excludes your loved ones...

Nope, WRONG AGAIN! In fact anybody who would tell you that celebrating your love in such an immensely personal and romantic way, in my opinion, is the selfish one. This intentionally romantic celebration should be 100% about you and your partner, and anybody who says otherwise is most likely more concerned you won't be funding their good time than that they will not be there to see you say "I do". Eloping does not mean running off in secret to have a Las Vegas wedding that no one knows about until it’s done, I think we have covered how outdated that perception truly is. Your day can include as few or as many loved ones as you wish, but I advise keeping your guest list under 30 if you really want an intimate experience that is focused on you and your beloved as opposed to creating an experience for guests.

Why wait when you can elope! 

With Covid creating such hefty and constantly changing restrictions on events and gatherings, you may have to postpone a large event again and again. This could potentially result in the loss of thousands of dollars in non-refundable retainers and booking fees, and inconveniencing your guests and loved ones instead of sharing your special day with them. Unlike the 200 to 300 person guest lists of larger traditional weddings, elopements often only include the couple, officiant, and photographer too, of course. Elopements today can also include some guests, normally a special group of your very nearest and dearest family and/or friends. These intimate events generally have less than 15 - 30 people. Elopements can easily be kept within current health regulations which means no more changing dates over and over again, no more anxiety wondering if the world will open back up in time for your celebration. So why wait?! Remember this is a day all about you and your partner and celebrating all that has led up to this moment, and all that is to come, not about pleasing a room full of guests and onlookers. Use your budget on what truly makes your hearts sing instead of chair covers and 45 elaborate centerpieces you'll never have use for again.   

I challenge you to ask some of your married friends who have had larger weddings if they would change anything about their wedding day. I'm willing to bet more than one of them will tell you that they wish they would have had more time to see and really spend time with their loved ones, or that if they could do it all over again they would focus only on the truly important things and creating a more meaningful experience, they might even tell you they wish they had just eloped! 

So if you're thinking that a big wedding doesn’t quite feel like you

Perhaps you're coming to the conclusion that it isn’t the best representation and celebration of your relationship. If you're ready to start dreaming up what your elopement day could be, reach out to me! I love working with couples to help them create special and unique experiences, and to make their elopement dreams a reality. ❤